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And bring your community a new way to experience an amazing burger.


And bring your community a new way to experience an amazing burger.



DMK Burger Bar is the perfect opportunity for new and experienced entrepreneurs, alike, to get involved with a restaurant with a revolutionary hamburger business concept. Partners David Morton, David Grossman, and Chef Michael Kornick are all legends in the restaurant and franchising communities.

With their training and support, all of our Franchise Partners will be given the tools and resources necessary to make their burger franchises as successful as possible.

Here are a few more reasons why you should look into owning a DMK Burger Bar:

All-Star Support

With over 75 years of combined restaurant and franchise experiences, DMK provides our Burger Franchise Partners with the opportunity to learn from our nationally recognized, award-winning chef, Chef Michael Kornick. David Morton, the heir of Morton’s Steakhouse, will help mentor you in the development and execution of the ultimate burger experience. Finally, David Grossman, successful Franchise Partner and Franchise Support Guru, will provide you with assistance and growth guidance for your hamburger business.

Together, these three partners provide our Franchise Partners with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work with a Franchise Support Dream Team.

Flexible Footprints

DMK Burger Bar is unique in that we’ve proven that we can be successful in a variety of flexible business models. With varying sizes, from as little as 800 square feet to 3,200 square feet and beyond, our Non-Traditional Site Models, our Mall Food Court Models, and our Full-Service Restaurant Models allow our Franchise Partners the opportunity to open up their own DMK restaurant franchise in a variety of locations such as sports stadiums, arenas, airports, convention centers, and more.

With our outstanding Leadership Team, you will have all of the knowledge and advice necessary to successfully navigate a DMK Burger Bar of your very own.

Community Focused Concept

Community and responsibility are two of the most important ideas to us at DMK Burger Bar. We know that our success can be directly tied to our ability to connect with our local communities and we know that our customers care about others, their environment, and what they’re putting into their bodies.

It’s for these reasons, exactly, that we emphasize the hiring of like-minded staff and why we also make it a point to sustainably source our meat and seafood.

Our community is also the reason why we started out “365 Days of Giving” program where we support our local nonprofits that focus on hunger, wellness, children, and the environment. We actually created a uniquely curated promotional program where we share 100% of proceeds with our nonprofit partners. Find fulfillment in sharing, love, recognition and wealth within your community with a DMK Burger Franchise.

Outstanding Unit Economics

With multiple business models that have already proven to be successful in a multitude of locations, we’ve been able to establish a high unit economic potential.

Investing in your own full-service DMK Burger Bar restaurant franchise begins at $494,000 with reported revenue potential of up to $2,400,000.

This means that DMK has the potential to generate a remarkable sales-to-investment ratio of around 485%.

What other franchise hamburger business has an almost 5:1 ROI?

“I’m excited about helping Franchise Partners understand how to take their passion for being in our business and translate it into expertise. What we’ve developed are the kinds of systems and kinds of recipes and the kinds of checklists to allow anybody to set the kitchen up for success. ”

Michael Kornick
Co-Founder and Head Chef at DMK


For every four dollars spent within the Food-Service Industry, one dollar, or 25%, was spent on a “handheld” item such as subs, wraps, burritos, or burgers. Breaking this down a little further, sandwich sales make up $205.36 BILLION of this industry and hamburgers account for 44% of total sandwich sales, or a total of $90.57 BILLION. (source)

Here at DMK Burger Bar, we’re able to tap into not only the Sandwich and Hamburger Industries, but we’re also able to take advantage of the Full-Service and QSR Industries, as well.

Today, Americans alone eat approximately 50 BILLION hamburgers a year, or about three hamburgers, per American, per week (source). The craze for quality hamburger businesses is spreading to other parts of the world, too, as France, for the first time ever, sold more hamburgers (1.5 BILLION) than their staple French fast food sandwich, the jambon-beurre (ham-and-butter) sandwich (source).

Here are some additional facts, as well:

79% of consumers prefer grass-fed beef over conventional beef

82% of consumers say they would pay more for burgers made with premium ingredients (source)

60% of consumers want to know where their beef comes from (source)

42% of people expressed interest in more turkey burgers

34% of people showed favor for more bison burgers

Consumers, today, are looking for healthier food options with a story and DMK Burger Bar is in the perfect position to accommodate. As the Restaurant and Sandwich/Burger Industries transition away from “quick-service” models, DMK Burger Bar’s already ideal position in these industries will only strengthen through continued restaurant franchise growth and expansion of our customer base.


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